About us

Videography by Aaron Filipowsky, Music Attributed: “MARATHON MAN” by Jason Shaw


If you’re looking for a fun, laid back touring experience with fellow beer lovers to sample the best beer in Portland, you’ve come to the right place! Our tour guides will make sure you are taken care of every step of the way and you’ll ride in style on a 14 passenger BEER BUS! BREWVANA is the Ultimate Craft Beer Tour Experience. Hop on the bus and experience BREWVANA for yourself!


The people: 

Our guides are very knowledgable about beer and SUPER fun to hang out with. They will introduce you to beer and the different styles that each brewery has to offer, teach you the nuances of tasting and the different ingredients used to make beer. Beer is both their passion AND their job! They will make sure your experience with BREWVANA is the best ever!






The Ride: Angel and Rosie

Who ever said riding short buses isn’t cool has never been on our girls! Complete with party lights, cup holders, beer murals on the ceiling, beeriodic tables in the front and a mini fridge to keep beer fresh and cold, Angel and Rosie complete the BREWVANA experience. Angel and Rosie have fresh new looks, too after two full vehicle wraps that perfectly represent the beer culture, environment and BREWVANA spirit. Bring your favorite tunes, too- we’ve got an iPod dock!
The City: Portland, Oregon
According to the Oregon Public Broadcasting Documentary, Oregon Experience: Beervana, “Portland is the beer capital of the world.” With humble northwest roots as a refreshing drink for miners and lumberjacks, Portland’s affinity for a good brew has evolved into a burgeoning craft beer movement since the early 1980s. Now, everyone and their Mother here seem to have a tended palate and are brewing their own in the basement. New beer businesses pop up every day – allowing for practically unlimited new heady experiences. Visit a local brewery and you’re sure to find a group of cyclists meeting for a pint after a long ride, a family out for dinner anticipating a taste of the most current seasonal, or simply some sweethearts warming their cheeks with a good brew! Cheers to BEER CITY USA!
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